About Fårfesten (The Sheep Party)

FÅRfest in Kil is organized every year during three days in February/March. It has become a meeting point for everyone who are interested in sheep and all the fantastic products that come from our beloved sheep such as wool,lambskin, lamb meat, sheep’s milk, open landscapes and sheep in art.


FÅRfesten was organized for the first time in the year 2006 and aims to inspire, create networks, spread knowledge and be a marketplace for products from sheep. It takes place in Kil with the center in Sannerudsskolan and its sports halls, KilArena and the churches nearby. The number of visitors over three days is usually 8 000 -10 000. We have room for about 140 exhibitors, arrange around 20 courses and have about 15–20 open lectures.


FÅRfest is organized and planned by FÅReningen FÅRfest in Kil. FÅRening’s members are active all year round and we meet every week in our ULL workshop in Kil. In addition to planning and preparing FÅRfesten, we have exciting courses and various inspiring projects where we both twine, spin, knit and weave in wool.