More about FÅRfesten

The idea with the FÅRfest is to gather sheep-skin and wool enthusiasts to a festival where one can make new connections(friends), learn a new handcraft, listen to exciting lectures, purchase products of quality or just let yourself be inspired by what sheep producers and their products have to offer.

Since the beginning of the Sheep Festival twelve years ago a unique festival has evolved. It is full of initiative spirit, new thinking, inspiring exhibitors, interesting courses and lecturers all of which welcome a large and enthusiastic group of sheep lovers to this year’s Sheep Festival in Kil Sweden.

Surely, all sheep and wool enthusiasters will get their fill. Guests come from near and far to see, hear, taste, feel and appreciate what our beloved sheep can offer us! Products made of wool, pelts and wool in all thinkable forms and shapes, colors and kinds can be found. These last years, at the festival, products from lamb meat have become popular. You will have a chance to taste it. It is even possible to order a whole side of lamb for a special occasion!

The Sheep Festival in Kil, Sweden always presents activities full of surprises, new thinking and we are many who already have great expectations for the forth-coming Sheep Festival in the winter – spring of 2019.

With joy, creative power, warmth and inspiration, we welcome you to the Sheep Festival in Kil, Sweden 2019 – FÅRfesten – Renewal!

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