The Sheep Festival in Kil, Sweden, 3 - 5 Mars 2017!


For Sweden - With the times!


Fårfest in Kil festival is here again, and hurrah for us, it's our 11th year running! The King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, has a personal motto, For Sweden - With the times. We change it a bit to be used as the motto of the Festival. That turns into a twist of words. We say "Får Sweden - With the times" - "Får" is pronounced in the same way as For, but means - sheep! Hope the King takes it with a mischievous wink!


Our sheep festival is a celebration, and you're welcome to the party! Enthusiastic visitors, farmers, crafters, officials and tradesmen alike celebrate under the woolly banner of all that is sheep, so come join us for Fårfest in Kil! The festival is created by volunteers, members of the association Fåreningen Fårfest i Kil. During this week end the Festival is visited by about 8 000 persons! They enjoy the marked places, out- and indoor, taking part in courses, listening to interesting lectures, a.s.o!


With Fårfest we want to inspire, inform and educate what sheep can provide in craft-work, talks, classes and exhibitions. Everything from textiles, fashion, furs, yarn, home décor etc. will be exhibited at an indoor market place, as well as produce from traditional farmers and butchers.


All are welcome - we truly want to showcase

what the humble sheep can provide for us!

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Kate Isenberg-Larsson


Fåreningen Fårfest i Kil

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Södra Smedsta

665 91 Kil

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